Mea Culpa


I screwed up

In my last post, I recommended you buy The Book on Writing: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Well and set up an account n   The website would motivate you to write at least 750 words (three pages) as practice.

However, I visited earlier in the week and discovered that as of May 1, the site is now asking for $5.00/month to use the website.

While I still think the site is excellent, kudos to Buster and Kellianne Benson who created it, I don’t expect you to pay $5.00 a month.

I have found a great  substitute — — which is still in Beta and free.  They count your words, give you a pleasant full display for writing, but they don’t have the kick you in the ass” reminders or passion that has.  Still, either use QuietWrite or use Word; the point is to practice.







  1. While I have tried, and, I found Writer to be a much cleaner, direct approach to writing, and it saves different versions, drafts, etc. for you to read or to share with others. In addition is free, and lovely. You can create an account that saves all your writing and then access it from any internet connection.

    • Jessica–

      I agree. Writer is great, and takes me back to days of writing on a Wang. For those interested, follow this link —

      Thanks for your comment,


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