Suggested Reading List I

Here are some books that should help you decide on your Career Track.  If they don’t they will certainly give you a better sense for the Foreign Service.  Good reading.

George Kennan (1904-2005) One of America’s most famous diplomats.  Soviet expert, architect of the United State’s containment foreign policy during the Cold War.


Richard Holbrooke (1941-2010).  Considered the best known U.S. diplomat who never reached cabinet rank.  In and out of government during his life, he started his career as an FSO in Vietnam in the 1960s.  The only person to serve as Assistant Secretary in two regional bureaus (Asia and Europe).  Arrogant, pushy, demanding, Holbrooke was an acquired taste.  Still, his success in brokering the Dayton Peace Accords and efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan are impressive achievements.


George Shultz (1920-     )  Many members of the Foreign Service regard Shultz as the best Secretary of State in the past 40 years.  He is seen by FSOs as a Secretary (or “S”)  who truly cared about the Foreign Service as an institution.  He holds the record — 6 1/2 years — for tenure as Secretary of State.


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