Coaching for FSOT


I will resume coaching for the October FS?OT in July.  Details to follow.

Good luck to all taking the June sitting of the Foreign Service Exam.



  1. Interested in FSO Exam Coaching

  2. Hi Bill,

    Wondering if you’ll host coaching for those sitting for the February FSOT.


    • Juliette-

      Sorry for the delayed response. I’m not offering coaching for the February exam.

      Sorry, I’m working for the month of January and won’t be able to coach. Check out the 10 YouTube videos I’ve posted by searching for FSOT Prep or Foreign Service Exam on YouTube. I go each segment of the test — Substantive Knowledge, Situational Judgment, and the essay. For English Expression, re-read Strunk and White’s Elements of Style. If you need more, find a decent grammar book to read.

      I tell folks that one of the best ways to prepare for the FSOT is to practice writing. Many applicants are caught flat-footed by the speed, 30 minutes, and over-thinking what is essentially a test to see whether you can discuss an issue clearly and coherently. They don’t care which side of an argument you’re on but want to see how you organize the essay portion.

      I recommend reviewing how they wrote five-paragraph essays in middle school and high school. Also, applicants should practice drafting so they exercise their writing, developing speed and precision.

      Good luck,

  3. Hello,
    Would you be coaching the FSOT for this year at all?

    • Maybe. What would you like to get out of coaching and how much would you be willing to spend? I was thinking to offer an hour of Skype or telephone conversation and unlimited emailing for coaching clients. I would also include a disclaimer that while I know a lot of what goes into the exam process and what the Foreign Service is looking for, I can’t guarantee success.

      Please let me know what you think?

      Best regards,


    • Sorry, no coaching this year

  4. Bill,

    I was wondering whether or not you offer feedback on practice essays or some type of coaching service?


  5. Hello Bill,
    First of all, for taking time to read this.
    My name is Richard and at the moment I’m serving in the US Navy. My contract finishes in a year in a half, and I intend to become a diplomat later on. I do not know If you do coaching sessions one on one to prepare for the FSOT, but I would be willing to pay. I think I have a really strong background and fit the profile that they are looking for, however I need mentoring.

    Thanks a lot for your time,
    Very respectfully.

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