Foreign Service Exam: First Conference Call; Here’s the Link

Thirty-five callers joined the first conference call last night, Thursday, September 26.  The call lasted about nearly two hours minutes, and the questions were excellent, ranging from how will the sequester affect hiring in FY2014 to how is the culture inside the Foreign Service.

You can find the recording here —

I am sending the MP3 file out for transcription, and I’ll try to provide a Table of Contents or Index to make it easy to search.

Thanks again for the participation.  I’m planning to do another conference call or Webinar in the near future.  Sign up for my  monthly newsletter to stay abreast of conference calls and podcasts.

Cheers, Bill










  1. I was one of the callers who participated in the September 26 conference call. I want to thank you so much. The information you shared really helped me decide on what to concentrate and what was just wasting my time. I received my results from the written exam yesterday (October 30) and …I passed! I was extremely happy for about 5 minutes and then I panicked thinking about the personal narrative. LOL I just want to thank you again for taking your time to help all of the aspiring FSOs like me!

    • Kara–

      That’s great news. Congratulations in passing the first hurdle. Don’t worry about the Personal Narrative, just make sure it’s clear, interested and about Kara.
      Please keep me posted.

      Cheers, Bill

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