Just Do It — Deadline for February FSOT

The February FSOT is fast approaching.  Don’t miss the chance to take the test.  According to the State Department site — the bible for the FSOT (so check it out immediately, if you haven’t) — the deadline for signing up to take it overseas is today.

For those taking it at US test centers the deadline is January 30.  Borrowing from Nike, just do it!   The test is free, it’s a half day out of your lives and you may get it.  The exam process itself is something of an education, well, maybe an education in how truly bureaucratic the State Department and the whole US Government is!

I’ve been offline for a bit.  Started a new job, and yes it’s in the private sector.  I will continue to talk about the Foreign Service, the exam process and so forth, but I will also add my two cents on management/leadership writ large as well as life in the workplace and how to get ahead (or not).

Best of luck to all








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